Nina Hawkins aka NINOCENCE is a multi-racial metaverse creative pioneer, who’s combining innovative technology with uniquely provocative art aesthetics. Nina has gracefully merged her unique vision into several tech based entrepreneurial endeavors, having over 12 years of experience of creative direction in the world of high fashion and entertainment. She founded a digital avatar incubator Lilium Labs - the impetus for *Embryo - an industry disrupting face scanning application for easy consumer grade avatar creation. Last year she launched a 14-Avatar Metaverse Division for a top LA based modeling agency Photogenics.

 As an artist Nina’s pedigree encompasses a wide range of disciplines and mediums including filmmaking, fashion, photography, 3D art, modeling, acting and music. She has worked with various legacy brands, magazines and celebrities including Netflix, Time Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, L’Officiel Vietnam, Dior, Vogue Taiwan, Elle Ukraine, Amazon Music, Apple, Rick Ross and many more. 

 Nina crosses dimensional planes as her virtual twin persona Ninocence - a post human AI construct made flesh which she embodies in her real life appearances. Her digital avatar Ninocence has just been signed to a modeling agency, been featured in various fashion magazines as well as working on a music label deal. 


Ready to travel out of state and internationally.  For booking inquiries email directly or contact a representative.



For Modeling Inquiries:

Jaime Love - Lovestone Agency


Creative Representation in Tokyo JP:

AVGVST International - Oscar Ryan 


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Nina Hawkins - Talent + Creative Reel


e-mail: nina@ninahawkins.com
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