Meet Nina Hawkins, or NINOCENCE, a pioneer at the fashion, art and technology crossroads. With over a decade of reshaping creative industries of high fashion and entertainment, she stands as a digital revolution leader. Her digital twin, NINOCENCE, transcends the avatar concept, embodying the post-human concept and redefining existence and virtual identity in the digital age.

Nina's diverse work includes avant-garde fashion direction and innovative 3D art, featured in major publications like Forbes, Time Magazine and Vogue. At the core of her innovation is Lilium Labs, her digital avatar incubator, and its flagship Embryo app, which makes avatar creation easy for everyone.

Additionally, Nina spearheaded Photogenics' Metaverse Division - world’s first Avatar modeling agency and launched Avon Void, a jewelry brand blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, further expanding her creative and technological empire.


Ready to travel out of state and internationally.  For booking inquiries email directly or contact a representative.



For Modeling Inquiries:

Jaime Love - Lovestone Agency


Creative Representation in Tokyo JP:

AVGVST International - Oscar Ryan 


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Nina Hawkins - Talent + Creative Reel


e-mail: nina@ninahawkins.com
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